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Madison Bloker

project manager

Madison’s top strengths include being an achiever, activator, relator, strategist and competitor. This Iowan has a heart for service and loves creating strategic plans to help others reach their goals. As an international author and blogger, Madison has accumulated many experiences leading, writing, speaking and marketing! She created her own business as a student in order to give proceeds to Iowa Stead Children’s Hospital through Dance Marathon. Madison also leads service trips across the country. The fourth-year at Wartburg College is a natural storyteller who loves documenting and sharing the stories of others.

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Ian Coon

writer, producer

Well caffeinated and goal driven, Ian Coon is a Des Moines, Iowa native. Ian is constantly tweeting about those typical Generation Z topics of school inequality, politics and trendy music. Outside of the digital world, Ian is a third-year student at Wartburg College, a small, liberal arts school, in Waverly, Iowa.

As a freshman in high school, Ian co-founded the Iowa Student Learning Institute, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to revolutionizing student voice in Iowa. Over five years, the organization has reached over 200 high schools and 2,000 K-12 students in the state. He brings the lessons-learned and connections-made at a state level to the national scale at Student Voice. Ian loves connecting with young people to hear about their local communities and educational experiences and aiding in their efforts to positively impact them.

When Ian is not networking, traveling or oversharing he enjoys taking photos, attending cycling classes and adventuring to find the best guacamole in the world.


Katie Kreis

digital producer

Katie lives to see the world through others’ eyes, always searching for the characteristics that make each person unique to share their stories. Her digital storytelling expertise is built on years of experience. Today, this Wisconsinite is searching for the best stories of Grant Price, dabbling in the spheres of website design, writing and social media. Katie is a fourth-year majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Spanish, leadership and women’s studies.

When she isn’t spending quality time with Flash Films, Katie can be found floating around the Wartburg campus for any one of many co-curriculars, working, listening to podcasts or drinking coffee while she searches New England Home Magazine for her dream home.


Tom Le


Tom sends his greetings from Vietnam! Though you can call him Tom, his real name is Anh. His passions for capturing the moment, video production and brand strategy drive him to new levels each and every day. He likes to take on new challenges to break down ideas and then rebuild them in fresh, unique ways. While some people think Tom is crazy, we think he’s the unique force driving us forward to create a work of art.

Outside of class, you can find Tom wearing a hoodie with earbuds in as he creates masterpieces. He’s usually behind a camera, computer monitor or clever joke.


Jon Mohwinkle


Jon is a fourth-year multimedia journalism student at Wartburg College. He has a passion for broadcasting, so being part of this documentary about Grant Price feels like an awesome opportunity to live that out.

Outside of the classroom, you can catch him on the radio as the voice of the Wartburg Knights on KWAR as well as Knight Vision. We’re not saying Jon is an angel, but his voice could definitely replace Morgan Freeman’s in the film Bruce Almighty and we wouldn’t complain.

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Robby Newell

film editor, assistant videographer

Robert (Robby) Newell is an individual who has a deep passion for filmmaking. To Robby, making a film is like making a great piece of art. Much like art, film brings together so many different ideas and components to make an amazing story. Cinematography, scripting and editing are just a few of the areas Robby loves to examine in other films and will hopefully work with one day.

In the time where Robby is not working with a camera or behind a computer editing, you can usually find him around music. He plays clarinet and is the president of the Wartburg College Wind Ensemble, an international touring concert band group.

Robby loves to tell stories and does everything to make each piece of work the best he can. With years of experience working in broadcasting for television news and sports, videography/editing for marketing teams and work on professional film projects, Robby is excited and prepared to be a diligent worker with Flash Films.


Kailee O’Brien

Graphic designer

Kailee is an outgoing individual who strives for excellence through leadership, timeliness and relationship-building. She has a passion for design, public relations and helping others. In her free time, Kailee helps train a service dog named Andy who will be placed with a veteran in three years. The fourth-year from Des Moines loves softball, service and being around others, and believes that optimism is key.

When she isn’t watching Adobe tutorials, you might find Kailee with a cup of coffee, watching the Chicago Cubs or settling in for any of the Harry Potter movies. To be honest, go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios and you’ll probably see her there.