First Amendment

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution was an integral part of Grant Price’s focus as a journalist. He was a supporter and an advocate, leaving a legacy that extends far beyond his own community. Because of Price’s active fight for journalists’ First Amendment rights, a large discussion we have with every interview subject is the importance of this constitutional right.

See below for resources to learn and teach about the First Amendment and the ever-evolving conversation surrounding it.

Downloadable infographic links:

More helpful resource links:
United States Constitution
Evolution and origin of the First Amendment
First Amendment 101
ACLU resources for students
Statistic/survey report
AP U.S. History webinars

Discussion questions:
How do we all exercise our First Amendment rights?
Where can you exercise these rights?
What is the difference between a public and private space? How do you identify this?
Which of the five rights is the most important?
What rights are threatened in the United States right now?
How do other countries exercise these rights? Do they even have the same rights we do?