RICE Day hype

By Madison Bloker

Wow! What a last couple of weeks it has been. The team is so ready for next Thursday! We have put in a lot of hours (and delirious nights in the edit suites) this whole semester, and it totally shows. We spent this past week inputting Laurie’s interview we got over the weekend in Minnesota and rearranging our story a little after the comments we got from rough cuts.

From the project manager standpoint, I think it has been an absolutely blast working with the team and telling the story of a man who had such an impact on so many people. Of course there have been some ups, downs and frustrating moments, but overall, I am so very proud of my team. There are a lot of small details that needed to be covered with this project all semester long (I mean, our binder is thicker than a dictionary), but I felt that my team was willing to step up when it was needed, and everyone honestly had great attitudes.

I am really anxious for next Thursday and cannot wait to sit alongside my team members in Neumann Auditorium as we watch our prized little baby get played for an audience to see. I’m excited to smile and maybe even cry at our creation while also imitating Eric Hanson’s “LOVE” bit and Jim Waterbury’s “and he did…” (my team knows what I’m talking about). Thursday will be a special day, and we’ll get to end it with fellowship and food, so that’s pretty cool too.

A big thanks to my team this semester for doing their best. I’m very proud of the work we put in, and I really hope that everyone who has been touched by Grant Price will see this documentary we’ve created and feel like a little bit of him is still here.