The interview

By Jon Mohwinkle


Arguably the biggest aspect of our documentary process has been interviewing people. We interviewed over 20 people for this project and, though we didn’t use every single one, all were valuable in some way. Doing the interviews was quite a process, from the preparation to the travel and the execution of the interview itself.

I’m going to tell you about the behind the scenes process of setting up for the interviews. First, we find a spot within our interview location to set up. We usually have three cameras for each interview, two light sets and a boom mic. This requires about a 30-minute window to set up, tweak everything and get the interviewee in place to start the interview. We certainly have cut down the time it takes to set up as we’ve gone on through the weeks.

We typically haven’t had every group member at every interview, due to various circumstances. It wouldn’t make sense to have to take multiple vehicles on our longer trips. However, when we had on-campus interviews, usually all seven of us were present.

We finally completed our final interviews this past weekend and we hope to never enter our equipment room again. Our travels have taken us to the Wartburg library, the Wartburg DJC, Waterloo, Marion, Iowa City, Des Moines and St. Paul. I think it’s safe to say we’re ready to stick around here a little more to get this thing done.