Weekly Wednesday Update

By Katie Kreis

Y’all, we survived rough cuts. This means that we had a first, complete draft of “Grant Price: Setting the Standard" to present to the faculty and staff of the Department of Journalism & Communication and the Marketing & Communication videographer last Thursday. We were all well-aware of the horror stories of rough cuts from previous years, which resulted in a lot of crying, totally reshooting interviews and completely upheaving storylines. Thankfully, we had prepared for what was to come. We knew that we would have to work on color correction, sound, transitions, b-roll and some minor story/narration incongruences — these were all pointed out to us by the review board. Something I found reassuring is that everyone said we are on the right track. We have about 80 percent of the documentary completed, so we’re ready to put our noses to the grindstone and bust out an awesome final cut in just under two weeks.

While rough cuts weren’t too emotionally draining, the night before was. Robby and Tom stayed in the edit bay overnight nursing an update, then a bug on the computer all of our footage was on. Thankfully, they were able to resolve the issue in the wee hours of the morning and add some more elements we’d planned on including that night. Thursday evening concluded in a nap by Robby, followed by a drink with the whole team — we thought we deserved it.

Friday, I presented on the purpose and results of our Facebook polls. Go check them out (click here)! Those informed us on the general opinions on legacy versus new media and the First Amendment.

To keep us sane, we took the rest of the weekend off. Now, we’re working more consistently and diligently than ever. We are incredibly excited to follow this journey through!