One Community

By Katie Kreis

Beginning this filmmaking process, we wanted to identify the group of people who were influenced by Grant L. Price as a father, grandpa, colleague, journalist, leader, friend, mentor, etc. Our thinking is that everyone should care about Price’s story. He influenced the whole nation, really, and that must be celebrated.

We’ve identified the people who should care about Price’s legacy:

  • Journalists and broadcasters — He set a standard of journalistic integrity since before the time of television and the early days of broadcast media.

  • Anyone working within the media industry — The willingness to evolve with new technologies while maintaining the same values throughout it all showed that embracing change can be a good thing.

  • First Amendment supporters — Basically, everyone should care for this reason alone. Grant Price fought for basic rights that have allowed us to see a more transparent government, like lobbying for cameras in the courtroom.

  • Those in leadership or management roles — Price’s philosophies and ways of operating can transcend the journalism world.

  • Educators — He taught us that anyone can be a teacher, mentor or advisor in any field they’re part of, even outside of the classroom.

  • Friend — Price held onto relationships he made in every corner of his life, welcoming students into his family and staying in contact with people whose paths diverged from his own.

  • Families — From what his grandkids said, Price wasn’t a newsman; he was Grandpa and he was very good in that role, too.

Every single role that Price held was not taken for granted. He lived life to the fullest and, though it is cliche, it sounds like he actually did. We hope we are half of the person Grant Price was. We are one community, united in the identities held and standards set by this broadcast legend.