Weekly Wednesday Update

By Ian Coon

In this team, we don’t take breaks.  

Much of our team wasn’t resting over winter break, and I can’t say I’m surprised! Madison led a service trip to Arkansas, I was traveling for my nonprofit work to Colorado and Florida, Kailee was with the softball team in Florida, Katie ventured up north to Minnesota and Robby found his way over to Wisconsin.  

Even since we’ve been back from break for only 72 hours, it’s been a wild time!

  • Transcribed verbatim 16 audio interviews with family, coworkers and industry professionals

  • Pulled quotes and content from all 16 interviews to put together acts I and II of the film

  • Created a marketing plan (Mmmhmm, that’s right, just for all of y’all reading this. Because we love ya.)

  • Wrote a press release for RICE Day

  • Planning the spring celebration on April 11

  • Designed both the movie poster and viewing invitation rough drafts

  • Learned the ins and outs of dining etiquette (chewing with your mouth closed simply won’t cut it these days)

Overall, the team has been able to hit the ground running and dive into all of the content we spent the first half of the semester gathering. This is the fun stuff — the time to break it or make it for telling the story of Grant Price accurately. You’ll see, all in good time.