One Month Out

By Madison Bloker

Madison Bloker here - otherwise known as the project manager for Flash Films! Our team is just getting back from break this week, so I’m sure we are all eager to get back at it and look at all the things each one of us has accomplished during our little time off. I spent the whole morning today pulling content for acts one and two for our film as well as piecing together all the pieces in our project binder (inserting our contracts, releases… all the fun stuff). The break was awesome, but I’m excited to GET BACK TO MY TEAM! I miss them and want to really rock these next couple of weeks!

Madison interviewing Dean Borg.

Madison interviewing Dean Borg.

There is a lot of editing ahead of us, which is really exciting but also sort of nerve-racking! Our group made a goal of having a rough cut done by this Thursday, March 14, so I’ll be excited to see what progress Robby has made on those edits over break.

We also have a couple more interviews these next couple of weeks that got rescheduled due to weather, so it’ll be fun to talk to some more people and keep our fire aflame until our big showing day on April 11. It’s been really fun as project manager to continue to light this fire under my team and keep them energized and excited for what’s to come.

As I was going through content today, I got excited about how lucky our team is to get to document such an impactful and talented man. It’s important that we get this documentary right, just like Grant Price always was in whatever he did. I’m excited to finally see our hard work with all these interviews get pieced together and tell the story of a man who truly set the standard in all facets of his life.