Robby: Behind the Scenes

By Katie Kreis

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KATIE: Why filmmaking?
ROBBY: Hmm…*rests head on hand* Honestly why film feels like a kind of complex question. I don’t have any specific answer as to why filmmaking is the area for me. I just feel drawn to it. I know that I first recognized my love for filmmaking back when I first saw The Lord of the Rings. I hadn’t read the books or anything so watching this movie was my introduction to the series. I instantly fell in love. The score, the acting, the cinematography, the set pieces, script — everything. I was so drawn into the film that I still find something to enjoy each time I watch it. I think if I had to pick, this movie would be the kickstart to why I love filmmaking. I just want to tell stories to people that leave them feeling changed or having learned something from it.

Which area of film do you like best?
I think if I had to pick an area, I would say that I enjoy cinematography the best. There are so many functions that are moving all the time to make a film, but the cinematography is the defining point for how we view a film. If the visuals in a film are bad, people notice whether it is consciously or unconsciously. Regardless, when the camera shots look bad it creates a disjointed feeling between the story and the audience. However, when the cinematography is good and well thought out it can tell the entire story on its own. There is a scriptwriting saying that applies well to this idea: show don’t tell. Essentially you want to show people the story instead of having a character speak through the events or drama. I think this is such an important lesson and a perfect reason why I think cinematography can make or break a film.

What turns a good film into a great one?
I think what makes a film great is awareness of the entirety of the story. What I mean by this is that a film can become great if the team that is working on it treats every part with a tremendous amount of attention to detail and all of it works under the same idea of what the end product should look like — this can create a great film. A film with the best visuals is good, but what if the music doesn’t fit? What if the acting is bad? What if the story doesn’t make sense? One component can’t make a great film; it is when every component works together that it becomes an amazing piece of work.   

What excites you about this documentary?
What excites me about this documentary is to tell the story of someone who very clearly mattered to so many people. I think learning about Grant Price has impacted my life greatly so I can’t even imagine what it must have been like to work in a newsroom with him or sit in on one of his lectures. All of the interviews we have had so far have said nothing but the highest praises for him. He did so much with his life and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to know Grant like I have come to know him.

When you graduate in a few short months, what do you want to do?
Pay off my debt. I’m going to hopefully work in Madison, Wisconsin for a few years working on paying off college debt and gaining experience in the marketing field as a videographer. Eventually, I may want to continue my career in marketing but the idea right now is to work and then after a few years move out to New York to work in documentary films.