Katie: Socializing

By Ian Coon


Have you meeeeett, Katie?
*Insert Ted Mosby gif here*

IAN: What do you do on the team?
KATIE: I’m the digital producer which means I run the website and social media streams. I kind of organize everyone related to content to push out to the public.

What are your hopes and dreams for the documentary?
*stares off at a majestic 45-degree angle thinking 100 years into the future*

After all of the interviews, my hope is that we do justice to Grant Price’s legacy by telling the right story of who this man was. I have a dream, that one day, this documentary will rise up…

But, for real, I dream that at RICE Day Grant’s family will come up to us and say thank you for what we’ve done. That’s the main goal. I also hope that other journalists and media professionals will be inspired by the work we’ve done in telling the tale of their industry.

Why social media?
*laughs with maniacal power*

Social media is wonderful! It allows us to reach a large audience, is free marketing, we can share the content from the website to an audience. It is super engaging to not only get the word out about the documentary but the principles behind the documentary that will never go away.


Katie (Kathryn on the birth certificate, you know) Kreis is a fourth-year student majoring in journalism and communication with a concentration in public relations and minors in Spanish, leadership and women’s studies.