Weekly Wednesday Update

By Ian Coon

Holy guacamole! It’s been a week full of kicking butt and taking names since we last gave y’all an update on our project progress. This past week flew by and it’s time to take a minute, pause and reflect on all that happened.


  • Made a whole semester plan of the content you’ll be reading on this blog.

  • Barely passed film treatment. Yikes. But, for real, it was a good learning experience and immensely helpful in ensuring the whole group has the same vision going forward.

  • Finalized a logo concept (now live on this very website!)

  • Collected bios from our team. Check them out on the team page!

  • Called a lot of state historians and researchers that pointed us to manuscripts, online court cases and a book or two!

I think the intensity and workload required for this project sunk in this week and has our team yearning to begin on capturing film, video and searching through archives of documents. This stress has taken a toll on our spirits at time, but we recover with jokes about Flash Films sound effects and inquiring about each other’s Mexican food eating preferences, IE: guacamole.

Until next week -- Ian