The Hype

By Robby Newell

I’m not much of a writer. I second guess almost every word I type and have always struggled to find the right words to say when I write any paper, email or blog post. I’m always on edge wondering if my mistakes will reflect poorly on myself or the group I represent. But when it comes to working on videos, I have never had a doubt in the world.

Robby working with film equipment.

Robby working with film equipment.

I love making videos, going out on shoots to record footage and even sitting in an editing room all night to get the final cut just right. Working for television news shows, Knight Vision broadcasts and professional film projects has given me the greatest sense of belonging and purpose that I could’ve ever hoped for in a career. I can’t imagine any other path than video production and film. That is why I am so excited to be a part of this capstone project.

It is the final, ultimate test of all our teammates and classmates’ abilities from the last four years of education and experience. Everything has been building up to this project. All the late nights and early mornings, the good and bad moments, all of it has been practice for making one last ultimate project.  Not only am I personally looking forward to this to see what final product I can create, but our subject is someone who I have only known as a legend until he became the focus of our documentary.

Grant Price was a journalist at one of television news’s earliest and most impactful points of history. He set standards for best practices at a time when formats for television were still being developed. He worked on several documentary projects, made himself a reliable household name to many, taught future generations of now accomplished journalists and spent 50 years of his life dedicated to perfecting the craft he loved. He is everything I hope to be at the end of my life. He was a creator, an innovator and an inspiration to all people who knew him.

Getting the chance to tell his story is an honor that I do not take lightly. After researching Price for these last few weeks, it is easy to see just how much he meant to people all around Iowa and what he meant to journalism around the nation. This project with Wartburg College is rightfully going to be the most challenging one, but it in the end will also be the most rewarding. As a fellow digital creator, I hope to honor Price’s legacy by giving him one last moment to shine. Stay tuned to see more on our progress with the Grant Price story.