Weekly Wednesday Update

By Katie Kreis

Let us tell you, it’s been a busy week. As is normal when forming a team, establishing timelines, doing research and beginning to create content, we are coming down from an overwhelming couple of days. Here’s what the week consisted of:

  • Developed this website (yay!)

  • Took headshots and group photos (check them out)

  • Created the Flash Films Facebook page (give us a thumbs-up)

  • Began designing logo (TBD)

  • Did a serious amount of research into the life of Grant Price, including having conversations with our former (and beloved) professor Cliff Brockman and Vice President for Institutional Advancement Scott Leisinger

  • Wrote a film treatment and synopsis

  • Created a timeline (just a little bit of effort when coordinating seven schedules)

Tom Le setting up for headshots and group photo.

Tom Le setting up for headshots and group photo.

We learned a an incredible amount about the world Grant Price lived in, his history, the context of the times and the journalism profession among other things. For all of us, it was a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of the life he lived and the people he might have influenced.

We’re also still figuring out each other. We are all inherently different with a wide array of background and interests, so it is obviously a learning curve. If anything, we come together in excitement over great ideas and progress.

I had a great week doing the thing I love: creating this digital universe where we can share our own stories, passions and progress. You know that feeling when you’ve gotten lost in a project and don’t want to stop until it’s done? That’s what this was for me. I always have a flashfilmsmedia.com tab open on my browser to check, double check, edit and just look at my work. This week was crazy, enlightening and awesome, and I cannot wait for the next.